Feb 14, 2017

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4 Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

4 Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

The thought of shopping for Car Insurance is enough to give anyone a headache. In order to protect themselves, all drivers need to have a comprehensive insurance policy, but not very many people have adequate coverage. Often times, people do not take the time to do the necessary research to compare policies. Here are some tips for finding the best Car Insurance policy for the best price.

The first tip is ignore all the insurance commercials played on the radio and television. It is very tempting to only research the companies that are easily recognized, but they typically end up on the higher end of the price scale. Since insurance premiums depend on the insured individual, prices can vary greatly from one company to the next. Also, don’t forget the local insurance brokers. They might not have the budget to get radio and television ads, but their prices can be very competitive and they might be able to offer other discounts that a larger company cannot.

Another great tip is to ask for what other discounts are available. Bundling other insurance policies with an auto policy is a great starting point, but there are other discounts to ask about. Ask if the company offers discounts for having multiple cars on one policy. Companies sometimes offer discounts for customers that belong to certain groups, such as a particular employer or other professional groups. Other discounts for clean driving records, safety and security features on the vehicles, lump sum payments and even paperless billing can be offered.

The third tip to save some money on insurance is to raise the deductible on the policy. This is a great option for customers that do not drive often or have historically not had many claims. By increasing the deductible, customers have seen a savings of approximately $200 to $300 a year. Keep in mind that if any claims were made, a higher deductible means more out of pocket costs.

Finally, another important factor that determines insurance premiums is credit history. Typically, late payments on insurance premiums and other bills will increase insurance costs. Keeping a high credit rating and paying bills on time will help bring down the cost of monthly premiums.

These four tips will make finding the best insurance policy easier and for more details on a policy, visit schlatherinsurance.com.

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