Dec 2, 2014

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4 Tips to Amplify Your Shopify Store Design

Shopify provides some incredibly user-friendly features to set up a basic e-commerce storefront. Customization can range from ready-to-go templates, to simple modification options, and up to one-of-a-kind interfaces, if you know programming. Whether you’re looking to amplify an existing Shopify store design or create from scratch, here are four tips to get you started.

1. Go Social

It’s important to link up your site with your social identities. All current Shopify templates include social button and sharing options, so be sure you take full advantage of that. If you’re using an older version that’s lacking Facebook, Twitter, and other network buttons, you’re missing out. Not only does integrating these features into your site allow you to interact with your buyers, but it also makes you more visible to potential customers.

2. Provide Aesthetic and Straightforward Navigation

Again, there are loads of options, whether you want to add beauty, provide a modern look or deliver a business-class experience. Make sure your navigation menu is easy to follow and blends in with your site well, as this will appear on every page and will receive the most use. Specialty coding can be applied if you want to move your menu, make it float and stay with the user as they scroll or change how it works in any other way.

3. Display Consistent Branding

Invest some time in coming up with a logo and corporate image that’s all your own. Be sure to use the same company identifiers throughout your site for a uniform look. This sets you apart from other retailers and gives you a professional edge.

4. Ensure Usability

Pre-made templates and layouts are a great start, but they are general purpose. A customer won’t use a site that provides services the same way they’ll use a site that sells apparel. Moving some elements in the layout can make it easier for people to follow. You’ll also want to be sure you are using the proper language for your industry throughout the setup. If you’re unsure how people will move throughout the site, get help from people you know to provide honest feedback. You can also employ the use of surveys, that people who are actually shopping in your store can fill out. Shifting things around requires coding knowledge, but adjusting the language is an easy project you can do on your own.

Making your Shopify Store Design pop is as much about functionality as it is about looking great. If your site is live, experiment with small changes to see how users respond to them. If you’ve got high aspirations or want to instantly set yourself apart from the others, check website url into enlisting expert help. Design advancements are never ending, but social functions, navigation, branding and usability are the core of your site, so focus on those and the rest may naturally fall into place.

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