Aug 29, 2017

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4 Tips for Planning Funerals in Palm Springs, CA

Funeral planning is not something many people look forward to doing. When the time comes to make final arrangements, many people struggle, and everything is more stressful than it needs to be. It’s not fun and it can be uncomfortable, but these four tips will make planning Funerals in Palm Springs CA easier.

Plan Without Paying

There is a huge difference between planning ahead for a funeral and paying upfront for a funeral. Many people often assume when they make arrangements ahead of time they must pay for the services as well. Instead of handing over funds to the funeral home, it is better for the family to keep the funds until after the services. The family can keep the money safe in the event the funeral home goes out of business.

Shop Around

Another common mistake many people make when planning Funerals in Palm Springs CA is not shopping around for services. Funeral planning is not something that is done often, so it’s hard to know what the going rate for an entire service is. Be sure to ask each funeral home for a printed list of services and their prices. Seeing the prices for each individual service will make it easier to customize the service as well.

Avoid Emotional Spending

When making arrangements for others, it might seem disrespectful to try to maintain a budget or select less-expensive items for the service. It is important to remember there are certain things that are just not necessary, such as special gaskets on the urn or casket to preserve the remains. It is possible to keep the options practical and still have a beautiful service.

Bring a Friend

Planning a funeral is an emotional event and should not be done alone. Having a friend to listen and discuss options will make the process easier and less stressful for all those involved. It can also really help with avoiding emotional spending.

Making the decision to plan a funeral is one of the best things anyone can do for their loved ones. It will allow them to grieve and also spare them the stress of doing everything on short notice.

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