Oct 11, 2013

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4 Tips for More Effective Long Island Dog Training

Attempting to train your dog can be both a rewarding experience and a frustrating one. Some dogs will take naturally to long island dog training, while others will experience trouble from the start. Luckily, there are several effective ways to make your dog training long island more effective and enjoyable. Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to improve your training experience with your dog.

Try a Class

Inexperienced dog owners are often overly enthusiastic about training their pooches themselves. Unfortunately, by the time they realize they may need a bit of professional assistance, incorrect or inconsistent training methods may have already encouraged less-than-ideal canine behavior. If you’re unsure of your training methods or if you’re a first-time dog owner, both you and your dog can benefit from professional one-on-one long island dog training or group obedience classes. An experienced trainer can teach you the right techniques and give you the confidence you need to lead your dog.

Ignore Bad Behavior

Often, dog owners mistakenly believe that they should punish or reprimand their dog’s bad or incorrect behavior. Most dog trainers would argue that this is not the case. A dog will see any kind of attention from you as a reward, so the most effective way to stop bad behavior is by simply ignoring your dog when he does wrong.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key during long island dog training. You should always use the same tone of voice, verbal commands and hand signals during a training session so your dog doesn’t become confused. If you send mixed signals, your pooch will have a much harder time figuring out what’s expected of him.

Find a Motivator

Sometimes, the best way to get results from your dog is to find out what motivates him during long island dog training sessions. For some dogs, the best motivators are food or treats, but other dogs may be most encouraged by simple affection or a favorite toy. Closely observe your dog’s reaction to different rewards during training sessions and use the one that works the best for faster, more consistent results.

Training your dog should be a fun time that solidifies the bond between you and your canine best friend. If you’re experiencing difficulty, try the tips and tricks above for a more pleasant, effective training experience.

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