Feb 24, 2014

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4 Super-Simple Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Auto Insurance in Honey Brook

If you’re a driver in Honey Brook, you know that the cost of auto insurance can be a large part of your overall transportation costs. In fact, the average Pennsylvania driver spends around $1,468 each year to insure their vehicle, according to a recent report by CBS news. However, there are lots of smart ways to lower that number and get a better quote on your Auto Insurance in Honey Brook. Keep reading for some easy ways to avoid the high price tag of automobile insurance.

Raise Your Deductible

Experts agree that the easiest way to significantly lower your yearly premium is to raise the deductible on your Auto Insurance in Honey Brook. Although the average car insurance deductible is around $500 nationally, you can lower your insurance payments dramatically by choosing a $1,000 deductible instead. According to the FCIC, this strategy can save you up to 30% on the cost of your premium.

Bundle Your Insurance Policies

If you’re carrying homeowners or life insurance policies from different insurance companies, it can be worth your while to buy coverage from your automobile insurer instead. Why? Insurers typically offer discounts to customers who “bundle” two or more insurance policies through their company. Not only will your monthly payments be easier to make, but you’ll save around 10% on your overall insurance costs as well.

Clean Up Your Credit

Some drivers are surprised to find that their credit score impacts how much they’ll pay for Auto Insurance in Honey Brook. To insurance companies, customers with poor credit ratings are considered “high risk”, and they’re often subjected to inflated insurance costs. Taking some time to clean up your credit can result in an improved insurance quote a few months down the road.

Ask About Discounts

In the insurance world, discounts are everywhere, but you often have to ask about them. For example, most insurance companies offer discounts to seniors, students and military veterans. You may also be eligible to receive a discount for putting low annual mileage on your car–typically 10,000 miles or less. Some insurers offer reduced rates to work-at-home parents, accident-free drivers and college students who maintain high grade point averages. Ask your insurer what discounts you may be eligible for.

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