4 Signs You May Need a Professional Air Conditioner Repair In Tucson AZ

Living in Tucson AZ means you need to have a fully functioning air conditioner. The summer heat and humidity is unbearable without your HVAC unit and losing the use of your air conditioner for a single day can be a frustrating ordeal as well as a risk to your health. In order to keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency, it is important to pay attention to the signs that there may be a problem with the AC unit. Here are four signs which will alert you it is time to contact a professional company for air conditioner repair in Tucson AZ:

Strange Sounds

Most people do not pay attention to the sound of their air conditioner, because it has become a part of the standard background noise in their home. However, if there are changes in the sound it suddenly becomes noticeable. If you hear strange sounds such as a rattling noise, it may be an indication that a belt is broken or there is a loose component within the unit and you should contact an air conditioner repair company as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Stale or Warm Air

The air conditioner is supposed to blow fresh, cool air throughout your home. When you begin to notice a change in the temperature of the air or the air seems stale, it may be a sign that the evaporator coils are frozen. In some situations you may be able to thaw the coils on your own, but if the problem continues you should contact a company for air conditioning repair and service to make sure the coils are in good condition or that the warm air isn’t the result of a different problem.

Bad Odor

There should not be any smell coming from the air conditioner, so if you notice a bad odor circulating through your home there could be several problems, including bacteria or mildew in the overflow drain. Due to the potential health hazards, it is highly recommended that you not attempt to fix this type of problem on your own. You should contact a professional technician for air conditioning repair, especially if you live in an older home because the problem may be related to the duct work.

Changes in the Temperature

If you notice drastic changes in the temperature of your home it could be the result of several different problems, including the thermostat needing to be recalibrated or the fan may be going out. An air conditioner repair company in Tucson AZ will be able to inspect the AC unit to make sure it is operating fine and calibrate or replace the thermostat if necessary.

If the air conditioner does not turn on, the first thing to do is check the breaker to make sure it has not been flipped. If this isn’t the case you should contact Ultra Air Conditioning as soon as possible to repair or replace the air conditioning unit. A trustworthy technician from a reputable company can inspect the AC unit to determine if the problem is something minor which can be repaired or if the unit needs to be replaced as a result of extensive wear or damage.

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