4 Signs That Water Heater Repair in Denver CO is Necessary

While a home water heater is intended to work behind the scenes, providing hot water at all times, any unit can eventually develop problems. If a person has never had to deal with water heater issues, they may worry that they need water heater repair in Denver CO. Thankfully, diagnosis can be easy when the homeowner knows what to look for. Read on to learn the four most common problems found in residential water heaters.

An Absence of Hot Water

The causes of a lack of hot water are different in gas- and electric-powered units. In gas-powered models, the pilot light is the first thing to check. If it lights up but quickly goes out, a technician can diagnose problems with the gas control valve or thermocouple. In electric units, check the breaker box first. If the circuit breaker has tripped, reset it before checking the high-temperature cutoff switch.

Insufficient Hot Water

If the hot water seems to run out faster than it should, there are multiple potential reasons. Sediment can accrue in the bottom of the water heater’s tank, taking up space and leaving less room for hot water. A broken thermostat can cause the hot water to run out too soon, or a broken dip tube can cause cold water to flow into the tank. An HVAC professional can flush the sediment out of the tank on a yearly basis, and they can check for other possible problems.

Foul Odors

All tanks corrode eventually, and rusty water is a reliable indicator of internal corrosion. The problem can affect the tank, or it can be isolated to the sacrificial anode rods within. A decaying rod can create hydrogen gas that nourishes bacterial growth within the sediment, giving the water a rotten-egg smell. Call a technician to replace the anode rod or flush the sediment from the tank.


A popping or rumbling noise emanating from the water heater is an indication that sediment is building upon the tank’s bottom. The buildup can cause the water within the tank to overheat and boil, which makes noise. An electric water heater can make a high-pitched whining noise when lime (calcium carbonate) builds up on the heating element. A licensed technician can flush the tank and provide water heater repair.

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