4 Signs It’s Time to Call for Sump Pump Motor Repair in New York

Neglecting one’s sump pump can lead to disastrous consequences such as flooded basements and foundation problems. Staying alert for potential problems is the best way to prevent these costly problems. Keep reading to learn more about the signs that it’s time to call for sump pump motor repair in New York.

  1. The Pump Is Loud

Sump pumps don’t make a lot of noise during operation. If the pump is making weird or excessive noises coming from the pump, it might have a worn part that needs replacement. Turn off the pump and schedule an inspection to figure out what’s causing the noises.

  1. The Sump Pump Runs Non-stop

A sump pump shouldn’t run all the time. It should only turn on when the float is activated. If the pump runs consistently, the issue is likely a problem with the float or the on/off switch. Allowing the pump to run all the time puts the motor at risk of wearing out sooner. Fix this problem ASAP.

  1. Sump Pump Doesn’t Run Consistently When Raining

There are times when one wants their sump pump to run a lot. When it’s raining, the pump shouldn’t turn on and off before completing a cycle. Get the pump serviced to get it working as intended and protect the basement from flooding.

  1. The Pump Is Old

Sump pumps don’t last forever. After 10 years or so, their motors start to wear out. If the motor is struggling, call for pump motor repair in New York right away.

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