Dec 15, 2015

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4 Reasons to Go for a Massage Therapy

4 Reasons to Go for a Massage Therapy

Stressed? According to HelpGuide.Org, stress can cause heart disease, obesity, and in many cases, cause you to age faster and make you seem older than your age. That’s why it’s important to know how to be competent at stress management. And one effective way to combat stress is massage therapy.

Massage Therapy Types
A lot of salons offer different types of massage therapy.
There’s the highly popular Swedish massage which is perfect for easing the knots in your muscles. This helps you relax and eliminates muscle tension from your body.

Another option is the deep tissue massage which is ideal for those who suffer from chronic muscle tension. Athletes often have this condition, gained through repeated training of specific sets of muscles.

Hot Stone Massage is also an option. It involves the use of a stone to knead your muscles and deliver the heat deeper into your body. It’s also an excellent way to forget all your problems, ease the stress away, and help your body finally relax.

Benefits of Therapy
There are quite a lot of health benefits to a massage. Some types, like the hot stone massage, offer some of the best benefits, according to Beauty Health Tips:

  1. Ease stress. Massage therapy is a quick way to ease the stress from your muscles. If you’re feeling tired and exhausted, there’s no better way to beat the exhaustion back than a massage. As soon as the session starts, you’ll feel your muscles being unknotted and becoming more limber.
  2. Improve health. Some doctors recommend the use of hot stone massage therapy to cure musculoskeletal problems.
  3. Treat insomnia. Because massage allows your body to get into a deep state of relaxation, it’s easy to go to sleep after a session. With your muscles all loose and limber, you’ll fall asleep in no time.
  4. Relieve pain. Massage is also an effective way to relieve and ease muscle pain. If you’ve got a sore or painful muscle, a good massage can help ease if not exactly eliminate the pain for you. Many doctors prescribe massage as a pain relief system, especially for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

So the next time you go for a massage, why not try other treatments? Get the hot stone package to find out what you’ve been missing. If you’re looking for a salon that offers hot stone massage therapy in Jacksonville, call Adrienne Michelle’s Salon & Spa today.

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