Dec 10, 2015

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4 Popular Types of Cross Body Bags

4 Popular Types of Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags have risen in popularity due to their convenience and ability to serve as a hands-free bag for individuals to securely care their items in. While they do have many similarities to purses, they generally have more visible pockets, meaning they provide easy access when retrieving something.

Here is a look at what are currently four of the most popular and best cross body bags on the market today:

Marc Jacobs Nylon

The Marc Jacobs brand is one of the most luxurious of the cross body bag options. While these bags are not known for luxury, that is all you can really expect from one of the kings of the fashion industry. You will be hard pressed to find one of these for less than $100, although they are certainly worth the price.

Leather Cross Body Bags

Leather cross body bags have a smooth and comfortable feel to them. They are a popular option amongst women because they look similar regardless of the brand, meaning they provide some aesthetic appeal even without spending $100+ on one.

Polyurethane and Cotton Cross Body Bags

These are generally one of the cheaper types of cross body bags available but are also one of the most comfortable. They are sometimes also referred to as the t-shirt and jeans cross body flap bag.

Wholesale Cross Body Bags

Wholesale cross body bags are popular mainly because they are much cheaper than most of the major designer brands. While they are made of lower quality material than most of the top brands, there is not as big of a difference between these and what you would see with wholesale purses or other bags. They also provide the added benefit of there being many more options to choose from.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the best cross body bags for you will depend on you unique tastes. While some individuals may enjoy the higher quality material used to make designer bags, there are more affordable wholesale options that can serve the same purpose. E-Best Choice has a lot of great choices and gives you access to some of the best cross body bags on the market.

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