Oct 22, 2014

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4 Mistakes To Avoid With Your College Advertising Campaign

When you are planning a college advertising campaign it is essential to develop a comprehensive and cohesive plan for rolling out your program. If you are trying to do this on your own and not using a college marketing agency you have a greater risk of making errors that can really impact how your product, company and brand is seen by college students.

Avoiding these common college advertising mistakes may seem simple, but with this target audience it is essential to not just avoid errors but to also deliver a top quality program that is authentic, accurate and relevant to their needs.

Duplicating the Past

While utilizing elements of highly successful past campaigns is always a good idea, simply changing around a few design components and using it as if it were a new marketing idea is a big mistake. Now, more than ever, college advertising needs to be unique, original and different than marketing programs your company, or your competition, has used in the past.


Without meaning to many companies that are using traditional marketing companies and not specialized college advertising agencies end up with promotions that come across as patronizing. College students are very sensitive to being “told” what they need to do or have or purchase. Giving them information that is relevant and authentic to their needs is more important than connecting every dot as if they couldn’t make the connection.

Too Much Information

Providing too much detailed information in college advertising programs is also a common error when a campus marketing company is not involved. Students need to have their interest piqued and then they will go online or to social media and learn more about your product, company and brand.

Mixed Messages

It is essential that if you are running a college advertising and a general advertising program for the same product, brand, and company that the messages are targeted to the different groups but still consistent.

You don’t want to have a general marketing campaign that is providing information that is different than what you are providing in your college advertising program. Consistency between the two builds trust in the message and trust in your brand and product.

We will ensure that your college advertising program is free from mistakes that can negatively impact your return.

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