4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Engineering Design Services

There are several reasons to hire engineering design services as part of an in-house design team, or as a way to outsource the transformation of a concept into a working model that can then become a prototype and move into production.

Specialized engineering design services have the technology and the trained design engineers to work with the latest in CAD and CAE software to streamline the process. They can also complete a wide variety of tests on the virtual model created, assisting with validation and analysis and decreasing the actual time spent on prototype refinement.

When choosing these services, there are a few common mistakes that are easy to make for any new company. These same mistakes can also occur with experienced OEMs, and taking the time to make sure they are not part of the selection process is important.

Limiting Choices to Local Companies

There is no need to choose local engineering design services. Engineering companies across the USA can work with companies of all sizes and across industries. In addition, not all design services are the same, and looking further afield to find one with experience and expertise is critical.

Failing to Consider Specialized Services

Engineering and design services with a focus on specialized industries and areas are always an advantage. This is particularly true in highly regulated industries such as medical devices, aerospace, telecom, as well as military and defense.

Selecting Based on Price

While the cost of the design service is a factor for consideration, it should not be the primary factor. Low quotes for work can be a sign of a design team with limited experience or a company using older equipment and technology rather than the latest in design software.

Not Researching the Design Service

Always take the time to complete due diligence on the engineering design company. Established companies with a proven track record in quality, customer support, and expertise make it easy to find the information needed to determine if their services are a match for your requirements.

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