Sep 19, 2014

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4 Ideas for New Moms to get a Coral Springs Tattoo

Tattoos are all the rage. A new tattoo can be a creative way to commemorate a significant event in your life, such as a new addition to the family. Salvation Tattoo Lounge in Coral Springs has suggestions that a new mom could get to celebrate her baby.

Baby Name in a Discreet Place

If you want a smaller tattoo that stays out of sight most of the time, you could get the name of your baby boy or girl on you to symbolize your eternal bond. You could have the name etched on you in any sort of font you want, and you can have it anywhere you want.

Image Representing the Ties That Bind

You could visit a tattoo lounge in Coral Springs and have an image sketched out for you that symbolizes you and your child. It could be a unique, abstract rendering of a mother holding a child. Or two of your favorite animals walking together, two dolphins jumping, or two birds flying. The etching can be big or small. Consult an artist for ideas of what could work, or bring in your own design.

Child-like Design Along with Baby Name

The new mom may want to commemorate the baby’s birth with a character from an animated film, or something that reminds you of the innocence of childhood. Maybe a teddy bear or baby rattle with the child’s name. Or a picture of Tigger from the Winnie the Pooh series, or Mickey Mouse with your baby’s name. You may want something that reflects the imagination and wonder that we all had as children. If you are concerned with how a cartoon character may be perceived, you can have it etched in a hidden spot.

Beautiful Scenic Image

A beautiful image of a lake with a rising sun over it, or a beach could also mark your new beginning. Children symbolize hope in the future, and natural beauty, and you could show this with a gorgeous scenic design. Salvation Tattoo Lounge can help.

Design Representing Baby’s Personality

If you immediately noticed that your child is playful, happy, or sleepy, you could put this on your body in the form of a design. Seek out a design at Tattoo shop in Coral Springs that best represents your child’s demeanor, or discover one on your own. People vary widely in their tastes and personalities, so whatever design you make will be yours and unique.

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