Apr 20, 2016

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4 Helpful Things to Know about Botox

4 Helpful Things to Know about Botox

Wrinkles add years to your age. If you don’t want to go around looking older than your years, finding a way to reduce wrinkle growth is key. By finding the right botox treatment clinic in Encinitas, you can easily keep wrinkles at bay. Don’t know what to expect? Here are a few helpful things to know:

1. How it works

Botox basically works by blocking signals coming from your nerves to your muscles, says WebMD. This stops the muscles from contracting so your wrinkles start to soften and relax. For stubborn crow’s feet near your eye or deep frown lines on your forehead, you can try out botox to ease the lines. The treatment is also used to relax muscles along your lip lines or for those along your chin and the corners of your mouth as well as neck.

2. Botox can’t help sun-damaged skin

If you tend to frown or squint a lot, then you’ll likely develop those lines that much faster and have all the more reason to go for this treatment. However, if your frown lines or wrinkles are caused by sun damage, then botox won’t be able to help ease those lines.

3. How its done

Injections into specific muscles won’t take up more than a few minutes. The procedure is over soon enough and isn’t painful so you won’t need anesthesia to see you through it. Expect a mild discomfort and about 3 to 7 days before the effects of the treatment show.

4. What to avoid

Skip the alcohol a week before your treatment. Knocking back those drinks could affect the results of the treatment in the worst way. Also, you’ll need to keep away from popping any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines two weeks before the treatment. For any other questions or concerns, talk to your doctor about any of them.

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