Aug 8, 2014

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4 Advantages Of Metal Recycling In Vineland

New Jersey metal recyclers benefit the greater good by producing further exports that generate billions of dollars for the country and countless jobs. The exportation of metals is among the most advantageous industries in the United States. According to statistical data, the industry produced over $80 billion in 2008 alone. If you wish to explore Metal recycling in Vineland and its benefits, you should visit

How is Recycling of Metal Advantageous?

1. Energy Savings: Metal recycling in Vineland uses less energy that utilizing new metals acquire from ore. It also lessens the impact of greenhouse gases. In a review of the percentages of energy saved, you discover that recycled aluminum presents a savings of ninety-two percent, with copper it is ninety percent, and for steel it is fifty-six percent. By recycling, electricity is saved by at least fourteen megawatts hours.

2. Resource Conservation: By recycling these metals, the natural resources are not depleted. In fact, statistics show with recycling at least one ton of steel is saved each year, which equates to 2,500 pounds of raw iron ore. There are at least eight tons of bauxite ore is saved with each ton of recycled aluminum. Vineland Metal recycling assists with these efforts.

3. No Depreciation of Value: Metals do not lose any value when they are recycled. They are simply liquified and transformed into new products. In some cases, the value is increased. As a renewable resource, metal recycling opens the doors to a wealth of opportunities in the manufacturing and exportation industries. These opportunities could generate significant boosts in the economy of not only the United States by other countries that trade with the country.

Efforts such as Brass recycling present the world with upwards of forty times more employment opportunities than placing the products within landfills. Metal recyclers make up a larger portion of workers in the country and present higher environmental benefits across the board. For this reason, consumers are advised to take further measures to send these items to their nearest recycling provider. If you wish to do your part in recycling these natural resources, you should Contact American Scrap Metal today.

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