360 Chicago Offers Spectacular Viewing of the City

Statistics reveal that one in every five citizens of the United States lives in rural areas. But, while the majority of Americans have residences in urban areas, many people dwell in the suburbs, and they rarely visit the cities where there are numerous and various points of interest. Now is a good time for people near and far to visit Chicago, for it is a beautiful city with many interesting sites. And what better way is there to see the Windy City’s impressive structures and beauty than by going to the 94th floor of the second tallest building in Chicago?

This skyscraper, the John Hancock Building, invites visitors to one of the best Downtown Chicago Attractions, the 360 Observation Deck. There, people have a panoramic view of the city and other points of interest that they may wish to visit. They can also experience the thrill of the moving platform that TILTS the visitors over the building’s edge, providing even better viewing from 1,000 feet up. Afterwards, visitors can relax at BAR 94, where there is front-row seating from this height that offers the best views of the city’s coastline along Lake Michigan and the downtown area with its interesting architectural structures that represent various eras.

A visit us only takes an hour or two, so tourists can easily work in other plans for the day. From this excellent vantage point, visitors may spot downtown Chicago attractions they may wish to visit when they leave the Hancock Building.

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