3 Ways to Tell if Your Rockville Home Has a Foundation Crack

A crack in your foundation can be relatively minor or a major structural issue. Most homes have a crack or two in the foundation that doesn’t cause much damage to the home itself. Other cracks can indicate something much more serious and can even be dangerous.

How can average homeowners tell if there is a crack in their concrete foundation? There are a few signs to look for that may indicate you need concrete foundation crack repair in your Rockville home.

Uneven door frames

A doorframe in an average home is squared at a 90-degree angle. Your door should close snugly into this space. If the door sticks or is hard to shut or you notice gaps in the connection between door and frame, check to see if the doorframe’s angle is off.

Cracks in the wall

Wall cracks are one of the most obvious signs that you might have a crack in your concrete foundation. Bowing in the wall can be a precursor to a full crack. Walls are not meant to bend or shift. If you notice any bowing or cracking, you may have a crack in your foundation.

Odd odors

Musty, stale smells that seemingly have no source can also be an indicator that there is a crack in your foundation. Air traveling through a cracked foundation may be one of most unpleasant indicators that your foundation needs repair.

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