Apr 21, 2016

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3 ways link building changed over the past ten years

Although white-hat methods done by our Web Design in Santa Cruz experts have changed over time, building links remains amongst the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Take a look at the following 3 ways building links has changed in ten years:

Harsher penalties

Link schemes always have been bad, although they have not always been penalized. However, in recent times, Google stepped up its effort to penalize websites that have spammy backlink profiles.

If caught engaging in a link scheme, you are more than likely to be faced with a manual penalty which will drop you from the search engine results pages. Recovery always is possible, yet such schemes have the probability to set you back years.

Crappy links do not work anymore

Ten years ago, a link was just a link. You easily could get away with having a non-contextual link that pointed back to your domain as a spammy blog comment, forum post, article on a free community blog or an article directory.

Such tactics today aren’t tolerated any longer, as our Web Design experts in Santa Cruz will inform you; website editors understand that if they do not keep their websites free of spammy links, Google is going to penalize them. If Google catches what it thinks is a spammy link, it’ll neutralize that link’s value, and leave you with very little authoritative gains. If the search engine detects a spammy link pattern, you are likely in for an algorithmic or manual penalty.

Same source links have more diminishing returns

Links that are from various domains always have returned a higher value than other links from the same domain; it’s because links will serve as 3rd-party indicators of credibility, and the links that are from the same domain provide a redundant vouch of authority.

But, this “diminishing returns” effect escalated over the last decade. These days, same domain links potentially still have a little value, however, they also are potentially less valuable than ever.

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