3 Types of Wooden Acoustical Tiles to Add Function and Style

Acoustical tiles absorb sound in a space to reduce echoes, disburse sounds evenly, and insulate against excess noise. While acoustical tiles are designed for function, you want to maintain a distinctive style in your space. Here are three types of wood acoustic tiles that work as soundproofing and design elements.


Ceilings are among the most challenging spaces to treat with acoustical tiles. If you have a space that is less than 10 feet long and linear in design, you can find

wooden acoustical tiles that are designed for this type of space. The tiles look like shiplap that is used on walls, so the result is a finished, contemporary space.

Micro Groove

For your walls, a micro groove design is a great option. These panels are available with various patterns cut into the wood for a unique aesthetic, and the panel can be made with openings for lighting and other features of your space without jeopardizing the acoustics.

Canopy Ceiling

A canopy ceiling of acoustical tiles is suspended from the main ceiling, and the design can be such that the original ceiling is visible as part of the overall design aesthetic. These types of acoustical ceilings can have creative designs to transform the function of acoustical tiles into a sculpture.

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