Apr 4, 2019

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3 Types of Transportation Rental for Groups

3 Types of Transportation Rental for Groups

Transportation companies have done a great job expanding their fleets since the days of the modest limousine rental. Today, you have many more options, including Charter Bus Rentals, for group trips with friends, your church and colleagues. Charter rentals offer a host of benefits like monetary savings and non-monetary savings. They help keep the group together and organized.

Here are three types of transportation rentals to consider for your next school trip, night on the town or convention.

Deluxe Motor Coach

A deluxe motor coach is large enough to comfortably seat 50 people, in most cases. It if often packed with amenities because the expectation is that passengers will spend a lot of time onboard. A deluxe motor coach can handle a long road trip from the starting point to the destination. Then, once at the destination, is approved to also travel locally. So, if sightseeing is on the agenda, passengers can do so from the comfort of their seats, and when they are given the opportunity to take a closer look, can exit the coach without worrying about their belongings. Often, a deluxe motor coach includes a central AC system, entertainment equipment, and a private and sanitized bathroom.

Mini Buses

Mini buses are a great alternative for a group that is traveling with up to 25 people. A mini bus is often a converted version of a shuttle bus. They include luggage and storage racks, and are great for traveling long distances, too.

Entertainer Coaches

An entertainer coach is also known as a sleeper coach. If you are an entertainer who is touring, this is going to be your most comfortable option. It is also great for groups traveling long distances that require extra comfort.

Charter Bus Rentals, and other options, are readily available, and offer several worthwhile benefits.

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