Jul 3, 2018

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3 Types of Dental Mouthguards in Newark, NJ

There are lots of reasons why individuals use Dental Mouthguards in Newark NJ. Sometimes the goal is to prevent damage to the mouth during physical activities like sports. Sometimes the goal also includes protecting things like braces from being damaged during these same activities. Regardless of the reason, there are three different types of mouthguards that can be used. It’s important to understand the differences between them to ensure that you get the right mouthguard that will meet your expectations. ChildSmilesFamilySmiles can help you with this decision, offering valuable information about each of the options available to you.

Simple Mouthguards

Simple mouthguards can be found at just about any sporting good store. They fit over the teeth and provide some protection. However, because they are not specifically shaped for a person’s mouth, they can only provide minimal protection for the teeth as well as things like braces. If minimal protection is needed, this is an option to consider. These mouthguards are the least expensive.

Boil and Mold Mouthguards

It helps to have a mouthguard that fits in the mouth snugly. It leaves less wiggle room and can provide a higher level of protection when compared to simple mouthguards. With moldable mouthguards the guard is placed in boiling water for a short amount of time, making the material more pliable. Then, a person removes the guard from the water and bites down onto it, holding it in place. This allows the guard to mold around the teeth, creating a secure fit.

Customized Mouthguards

To get the best fit, individuals can purchase customized Dental Mouthguards in Newark NJ. In these situations, a dentist works to create a mold that will be used to create a mouthguard that forms directly to a person’s teeth and mouth. This is by far the best option because it provides great protection and is made with more durable materials. Because of the amount of work required to create this type of guard, it is the most expensive option available. However, when you consider what it is protecting, the cost is often an investment well worth making. If your child is involved in any type of sport, it’s time to check out visit the website and set up an appointment to discuss mouthguards.

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