3 Tips for Saving Money on Cheap Custom T-shirts in Kansas City

There are countless reasons for ordering custom clothing. Sometimes an employer needs to create an easy to wear uniform for employees. Other times a school or club wants to be recognized when they attend events. Still, others order Cheap Custom Tshirts in Kansas City because they are all heading out as a group and want to stick together and commemorate the moment. When the time comes to place an order, there are several ways to save a little cash.

Less Color Could Mean More Savings

When it comes to the design selected for the t-shirt, there is a chance that the less colors you use, the less the shirts will cost. The additional cost will vary from one company to the next, so it’s important to look into the design cost, including the number of colors that will require additional fees, before placing an order. Think about which colors are most important and must be featured prominently on the shirt. At the same time, remember that the color of the t-shirt may also affect the cost of the order.

The More You Order, The More You Save

Sometimes, the more you order, the more you can save. This means that it may make sense to order a couple more t-shirts than originally planned. Not only does this cover other people that may have forgotten to let the group know that they needed a tee, it could also decrease the cost per shirt. Don’t be afraid to play with the numbers and see just how big an order needs to be to create real savings.

Order Online

Ordering online is another great way to save. Because you are able to do much of the work for the order on your own, including choosing and creating a design, there is less overhead. The savings are often passed onto the customer. It’s very easy to place an order online.

Are you ready to place an order for Cheap Custom Tshirts in Kansas City? Click here to contact us. You can browse through the available designs or create your own. From there, just choose the t-shirt that best suits your needs. The entire process is quick and easy and you’ll have your t-shirts in no time.

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