Mar 5, 2015

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3 Tips for Choosing a Dog Clinic Olathe KS for Your New Pup

3 Tips for Choosing a Dog Clinic Olathe KS for Your New Pup

When you add a new puppy to your household, you do not only have to worry about food and potty training. You also have to worry about shots and other medical necessities. Finding the right vet for you pup can be hard unless you know what sorts of things to look for and ask about. For starters, look into the potential clinic’s communication and philosophies, services and equipment, and hours and availability.

Communication and philosophies

A good Dog Clinic Olathe KS is going to be willing to talk to you about anything and everything involving the care of your puppy. Do you have questions about a particular treatment or a policy? They should answer them. You should also look for a clinic that has philosophies that are similar to your own; if you cannot be on the same page, nothing good is going to happen.

Services and equipment

Before you take your puppy to a Dog Clinic Olathe KS, you need to know what sorts of services can be provided for him and what equipment is readily available for their use. Can they perform x-rays or ultrasounds, provide lab tests or blood pressure monitoring? Whether you plan to take your puppy to the clinic for a basic check-up or an emergency, be sure that the clinic you choose is equipped to handle any possibility.

Hours and availability

Many animal clinics have set hours of operation, but they also provide emergency contact or alternative care options for after hours. Talk to the staff about their hours and their emergency policies to make sure they will work for you and your pup. At Falcon Valley Animal Hospital, you will receive the answers to all of your questions so you can make the decisions that are necessary and essential for the health of your puppy.

Finding the right vet is crucial to owning a pet. With a new puppy, you can run into many difficulties, so you need to know that you can trust the clinic you have chosen to work with. Do not hesitate to ask questions and shop around for the right vet for you and your pup.

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