Jun 12, 2018

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3 Tips for Buying Pergolas in Brookfield, WI

3 Tips for Buying Pergolas in Brookfield, WI

Sometimes even the most beautiful of backyards is missing something. Every yard needs a great place for people to sit down and enjoy themselves. For many, the solution can be found with pergolas in Brookfield WI. They provide just the right amount of shade without being too stuffy. They still let in a lot of light and can be the focal point of backyard entertaining. When the time comes to make a purchase, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that the process goes smoothly and the right product shows up at the house.

Choose the Right Material

Wood is usually the most popular of materials used for pergolas in Brookfield WI, and with good reason. Wood tends to be able to stand up to various weather conditions and still provide a more natural looking place to relax. But there are different types of wood that can be used, each with its own benefit. Be sure to read about each one and choose the material that is going to best for the location based on weather, temperatures, and what the pergola is going to be used for.

Measure and Then Measure Again

There’s no doubt that pergolas are a real investment. So it makes sense to purchase the right item. Take the time to measure the space in the yard where the pergola will reside. Make sure there is plenty of clearance on all sides. Once the measurements are complete, measure again, just to be sure. It can be tough to purchase something this important only to find that it isn’t going to fit seamlessly into your entertaining space.

Check the Warranty

Pergolas usually come with some type of warranty. Be sure to read all of the details of the warranty to ensure that there is no confusion about what types of things are covered. How long should the pergola last? Is it possible to get replacement parts should something start to show signs of wear? During the buying process, be sure to take note of the company’s customer service. This is an important part of the decision-making process when it comes time to choose a company to buy from. For real peace of mind and excellent customer service, check out Outdoorlivingunlimited.com.

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