Feb 29, 2016

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3 Times Engraved Presents Make the Best Gifts Ever

3 Times Engraved Presents Make the Best Gifts Ever

Whether you’re looking for the perfect anniversary surprise, birthday token or Christmas gift, one of the best ideas you’ll have is to go for custom-made gifts. That really sends out the kind of message you want your loved ones to get: that they’re special and unique in every way. And that’s why you’re getting them a gift that’s special and unique in every way. Here are a few reasons to look for engraving services in Phoenix AZ:

  1. For Your Engagement Rings. The Knot says one of the toughest challenges of getting custom made engagement rings is to find that one word or symbol that you want the ring to say. You can try narrowing down what you feel about your partner to an image or word. Rings are a symbol, a sign, of what you mean to each other, of the vows you took and the promises you made and intend to keep. So get to the root of what that promise is, of where it started–love–and hopefully you’ll find out how to say that in a way that’s unique and honest to who you are as partners and individuals. Here are some common ring engravement ideas to help you find your own: I love you, Always, All my love, God unite both in love, Mon amour, and Semper amemus which is Latin for “Let us always love.”
  2. For that Birthday Token. If you want to surprise your dearest family and friends, this is one way to make that happen. Is your sister’s birthday coming up? Then have a ring engraved with her name. How about your mother or best friend? Pick up some nice jewelry pieces and have them engraved for the special people in your life. It’s a thoughtful, considerate gift that lets the people you love know you have the highest regard for them, that you go to the effort of giving these gifts for one thing: because they matter.
  3. For That Anniversary Surprise. If you’re celebrating the wedding anniversary of your parents, getting an engraved present is an excellent idea. You could even go for something more functional, like watches and have these engraved at the back with a simple, heartfelt message. That will make for a memorable keepsake for the two people in the world who raised you, loved you and did their best by you.
    So if you’re looking for way to up your gift game, getting engraved presents is the way to go.

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