3 Things You Need to Know About Owning a House that Needs a Well

If you are considering moving to a rural area, then you may be in for some surprises. Water is not supplied by the city for people who live in the country. It is common for rural homeowners to use private wells.

Dug and Driven Wells

There are three types of drinking water wells, which are dug, driven and drilled. Dug wells are formed from a hole dug into the ground. They are lined with bricks, tile and stones. These materials keep the well from collapsing.

A driven well is made from driving a pipe into the ground. It is also shallow and cased continuously. Driven wells get their water from aquifers located near the surface.

Drilled Wells

On the other hand, drilled wells have continuous casing and a lower risk of contamination. They are built with percussion and rotary-drilling machines. A drilled well also can be made thousands of feet deep.

Drilling a Well

It is important to use qualified well drilling contractors in brick. This setup requires digging at least 30 feet deep to obtain acceptable water. However, the contractor may have to dig deeper for better water. A well drilling brick contractor can help you to determine the right depth for your underground well.

It helps to call a contractor out to your property and do a consultation. You want a good-tasting and non-contaminated water source. Contact Business Name for an appointment today.

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