Feb 7, 2015

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3 Things to Look for in an Office Space Rental in Champaign, IL

Purchasing an office can be costly and in reality, not the most effective use of a company’s money. Instead, Office Space Rental in Champaign IL is a viable option that provides for space that doesn’t require a mortgage. When searching for the right office space, there are several things to consider along the way. Because the cost to move an entire office is considerable, it makes sense to take some time and discover the right location.

Space/Potential to Handle Growth

It takes more than a measuring tape to determine whether or not a location has enough space for an office. While square footage is important, that alone doesn’t always determine whether or not there is enough room for all of the furniture, equipment, and employees. Look at a floor plan and think about where everything will go. Then, use specific measurements to make sure there is enough space. Aside from having enough space for the current office capacity, think about whether or not the company’s growth will require more employees or more space in the near future.

Outlet Placement

While extensions cords offer to make every part of a room accessible to electronic equipment, for many business owners, the goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Take note of any and all outlets along the wall. Are there enough to accommodate the number of desks? Are there outlets for things like printers, fax machines, or other equipment? This step doesn’t take much time but it can prevent problems when the time comes to move into the Office Space Rental in Champaign IL.

Operating Costs

Every business owner looks to stay within his or her operating budget. There is no doubt that a rental office space is going to be a considerable expense so it makes sense to shop around and look for a location that offers everything a company needs at a price it can afford. Aside from the cost of the actual space, look into any other cost associated with the rental including electricity, gas, water or other utilities.

The right office space can open up a world of possibilities for a new business or a company looking to expand. Visit BTC Services for more information on office space rentals.



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