Aug 25, 2015

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3 Tactics for a Smooth Hiring Process

3 Tactics for a Smooth Hiring Process

Hiring new employees is a complicated process, which puts more pressure on human resources professionals to do the job right. By using sound tactics, such as using Staffing Solutions Charlotte NC and the right filters, you’ll be sure to land yourself reliable, skilled employees.

Use a Staffing Agency

Going through the hiring process doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go it alone. The more of a filter you can put up, the better. For example, Inc. recommends putting employees through a trial process, rather than wasting time to hire someone, only to have your efforts be for naught. An agency like Staffing Solutions Charlotte NC is a great example of a company that does the legwork of screening and background checks for you. Staffing agencies make the hiring manager’s job easier by finding candidates with the right type of skills and work ethic.

Revise the Job Description

Whether you’re searching for a replacement for a former employee or you simply need more support staff, start by rewriting the job description. A sound job description will include a general summary of the position’s expectations and function. A list of essential duties should also be included, ordered by subsections if necessary. Re-writing a job description helps you get into the hiring mindset, and it also helps the staffing agency with which you’re working find the right candidate for you.

Consider the Duration of the Position

One of the most common ways to lose employees is not being candid about how long a position will last or what the nature of the work is. For example, Time reports that over 25 percent of professionals leave their jobs every year due to a lack of career advancement possibilities. If you’re given a temp to hire employee, but you actually don’t have any intention of letting the position continue, it’s better to be honest. Not only can this increase morale, even amongst temps, but it also works out better when everyone has the same goal in mind.

Finding the right candidates for any position can be a challenge. However, by using resources like Staffing Solutions Charlotte NC area and being thorough as you prepare to add new members to your team, you’re more likely to find the right person for the job. Know what you’re looking for in an employee, what skills are most important to the position, and communicate this information clearly to your staffing agent. This will make the hiring process quick, convenient, and efficient so you can get to work.

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