Aug 22, 2014

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3 Simple Tips to Reduce the Costs of Catalog Mailing

It’s been proven that catalog mailing helps to ensure your complete marketing efforts are successful. It will bring clients to your website for purchases, retain old customers as well as acquire new ones, and increase the total amount each person spends with your company. However, the profitability of your endeavor rests on how well you manage the costs of your catalog mailing campaign. The following are the three easy things you can do to reduce costs while increasing revenue.

1. Tease Your Reader

Don’t try to include all, or even most of, your inventory. Instead, select a handful of items you anticipate to be the most popular or display a wide range of your products. You can experiment with each to see which your particular target group responds to best. Use the printed media to tease your audience into going to your website for more. This will cut back on the cost of printing and the cost of sending. Additionally, consumers appreciate green initiatives, so it’s beneficial to outright tell them you’ve decreased paper use because it benefits the environment.

2. Get Mailing Discounts

The USPS offers special rates for businesses as well as for bulk-mailing. Additionally, they also often run a program called the Branded Color Mobile Technology Promotion, which provides a two-percent discount for businesses that register, include a QR code, and follow other guidelines. If you plan to mail a lot, the savings can really add up. It’s also worthwhile to enlist the help of an expert who can find these offerings and direct you properly so you receive the maximum benefit possible. It’s also less expensive when combine your marketing with the efforts of another non-competing business. Again, a specialist in the field can make these arrangements for you.

3. Trim Your List

A lot of money can be saved by effectively managing your data. Cut back your list to only consumers who have ordered within a set period of time. Address verification services, like those provided by Arandell, confirm that your list is up to date, properly compiled and reduce addressing errors. This helps to ensure your materials are getting where they need to be and increases your overall response rate.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of catalog mailing because the costs seem too high. When you keep your literature slim yet engaging, seize discounts to mail efficiently, and analyze your lists, the up-front costs drop drastically. Best of all, when your campaign is well-thought out and meticulous, you’ll see a rise in consumer web activity and sales as soon as publications hit their mailboxes. It’s so easy to measure the success rate of your campaign; you may find yourself planning more and more as you fine-tune your path to increased revenue.

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