Apr 26, 2019

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3 Simple Tips for Choosing a Sanitary Valve

3 Simple Tips for Choosing a Sanitary Valve

The sanitary valve is a plumbing fixture that has the capability to prevent or allow the flow of substances through a secure system. You will find sanitary valves used in numerous applications, including hospitals and other medical facilities, food processing plants, and pharmaceutical manuf-acturing plants. When replacing this type of valve, make sure that these three requirements are met:

Full Compliance with GMP Requirements

You only want to deal with a sanitary valve manufacturer or supplier who complies with what’s known as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This means that the manufacturer utilizes quality standards that meet or exceed those required by different types of industries. When you see that the valve you are considering is GMP compliant, that means you can be assured that the quality is high.

Designed for Easy Cleaning and Sterilization

It is important for sanitary valves to be cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis. You want to invest in a valve design that makes the process simple and relatively fast. This is especially true when the valve is part of a system that is used constantly. The easy cleaning and sterilization ensures that the contents of the system are not contaminated and will continue to meet whatever safety standards apply.

No Accumulation of Materials

The sanitary valves must be tight enough to prevent accumulation of any type of material. The sealing surface must be secure enough to prevent any type of leakage. This is especially important when dealing with chemicals or any substance that could lead to an injury upon contact.

There are also requirements for these valves that apply in specific industries or types of manufacturing facilities. Always consult an expert who understands the standards that the valve must meet in your particular application. Doing so ensures that it will provide the desired level of performance and hold up well to quite a bit of use.

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