Aug 16, 2018

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3 Signs Your Roofer Did a Terrible Job

3 Signs Your Roofer Did a Terrible Job

A poorly done roof can lead to further structural damage to your house and a ton of unnecessary costs. Learn how to spot a bad roofing job. Read the following.

Damaged shingles

That isn’t an indicator of a poorly done roof. But if your home is the only one to suffer from missing or damaged shingles in your area after a storm, then that puts the quality of the work in question. No worries, though. For damage that affects small sections of your shingle, you can ask a seasoned contractor from a roofing company in Anaheim CA to fix the problem.

Leaks or stains

If you had repairs done only weeks ago and end up finding new water stains on your ceiling, then you have a leaky roof. That means the existing problem hasn’t been solved. While isolated leaks can be easy enough to fix, most times leaks indicate extensive roof damage, the HomeReference says. Look for a new contractor. This time, pick a trustworthy roofing company in Anaheim CA for the job. Consider hiring the services of a firm that has an excellent reputation for getting things done. They can come in, assess the extent of the damage, and provide you with the best possible solutions to your roof problems.

Lack of uniformity

Use of cheap supplies can lead to more problems in the future. Take the time to inspect the materials that the contractor uses for the project. For instance, are all the shingles in the same size and color, or does your contractor plan on using mismatched shingles? Mismatched shingles are often a sign that your roofer is cutting corners. Prevent additional damage that could result from using these materials by going for help elsewhere. Spare yourself the added costs and inconvenience of a poorly-done roof by hiring the right contractor from the get-go.

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