Feb 17, 2015

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3 Signs You Need Overhead Door Service in Boston MA

3 Signs You Need Overhead Door Service in Boston MA

Overhead garage doors are an invention that has added to our convenience. With electronic doors, the ease of access to the garage has become even simpler! However, if the overhead doors show signs of wear and tear or are struggling to perform their tasks, they may need some maintenance to reduce the safety risks that may present themselves if they are not addressed. Here are a couple of signs that you may need Overhead Door Service in Boston MA.

Noisy or squeaky springs

It is not a given that a squeaky spring is a problem; a simple squeak is not going to lead to disaster. However, if you try lubricating the springs and the noise persists, you may want to call a garage door technician to see what can be done. Sometimes a spring can wear out, making it a severe danger to whoever is near; when this happens, it is recommended to replace the springs on your garage door.

Struggling Door

When your garage door is struggling to open or close, seeming to stick on the track in places, you need to have something done. This can mean that your springs or your track are in need of repairs or replacement. With Overhead Door Service in Boston MA, you can have the situation diagnosed and they can help you find the best solution. If you do not have it fixed, you pose the risk of a serious injury to you or someone else.

Frayed or worn cables

When you inspect the cables that work the garage door, check for fraying or wear. If there are signs of either of these conditions, there is a chance that they will break or snap which can lead to a bad injury. Do not replace them yourself; with professionals such as Collins Overhead Door Inc the job can be done safely and securely.

As much as a garage door is used, it is important for all of its maintenance to be kept regularly up to date. Without maintenance or repairs, the door could simply get stuck or there could be injuries sustained-;the door collapsing on someone, cable injuries when they snap or are being replaced, etc. In order to avoid any dangers, pay attention to your overhead door and be sure that it is in decent shape.

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