3 Signs That Your Jackson NJ Home is Being Invaded by Termites

It’s important to learn about signs of a potential termite infestation. These pests are known to cause lots of damage, meaning it’s important to watch out for signs of termites. Considering that, here are three signs you might be dealing with termites in your home.

The Wood in Your Home is Becoming Hollow

As you likely know, termites love feeding on wood inside of a home. If you think you’re dealing with termites, it’s important to check the wood that supports your property. These types of wood should remain fully intact after you apply pressure. If you see that this wood is breaking away or lots of dust, find a company that provides termite control services in Jackson, NJ.

You’re Seeing Small Dark Patches in Your Home

It’s also wise to keep an eye out for small dark patches in your home. These are otherwise known as frass or termite droppings. If you see these spots, contact Freehold Pest Control.

You Hear Sounds From Inside Your Home’s Walls

Understandably, you expect to relax and unwind while you’re in your home. However, this can be hard to achieve when you start hearing strange sounds coming from inside your walls. If you’re hearing these noises, it might be because termites are in your home. As a group of termites enters your home, these noises are likely their heads and bodies colliding with your walls.

To stop these pests from causing further damage, contact Freehold Pest Control.

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