Nov 27, 2014

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3 Safety Tips to Observe When Using Storage Units in St. Louis Park MN

There are a few safety tips that will ensure nobody gets hurt while packing or unpacking the storage unit. A factor that people need to keep in mind is where the storage unit will be located. The weather and climate have a large role in how safe the storage unit is when fully packed.

Use Pallets

A common mistake for first-time storage unit users is to put all of the items they wish to store on the floor of the unit. However, if you are looking for Storage Units in St. Louis Park MN you have to remember that there are no ways to promise melting snow or water will not run in under the door. Also, think about if there is a spill in an adjacent unit and that spill makes its way into your unit. Anything on the ground would be ruined. Using pallets to keep your items off the ground as well as wrapping those items in industrial plastic will ensure their safety.

Lock the Door

This should go without saying, but although most units have some sort of security in them, this does not mean those security measures work all of the time. Find an all-weather lock that has a short arm. This ensures that a bolt cutter cannot slide through and slice the lock off. Also, if the lock requires a key, do not lose that key. Keep it in a safe place.

Plan for Temperature Changes

Because the storage unit is in a cold climate, be cautious of what you put in the unit. Things that do not do well in the cold should be double wrapped, well insulated, or not stored at all. Things such as electronics, old photos, and vinyl records will become ruined if not stored properly.

Even small Storage Units in St. Louis Park MN can hold a great deal, but you must use the space wisely and safely. Packing thinks up to the ceiling and balancing without stabilizing could result in disaster. Be sure everything is stable before closing the doors until the next time you plan to go to the unit. You can visit their website for more information for using the space efficiently.

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