3 Reminders Before You Have Your Terrazzo Floors Restored

It can be tough to find the best contractor to restore your floors. However, the wait will be all the more worth it when you finally see the results. So don’t skip steps and hire the first one who comes along asking for a job. Here’s a list of tips from the Federal Trade Commission to help you get started.

  1. Hire someone who specializes in the type of project you have. So if you want your terrazzo floors restored to good as new status, get a terrazzo flooring restoration expert to see to it. Experience counts for a lot. By hiring an expert, the job is sure to be done with greater efficiency and less time. So you won’t have to wait that long before your floors see some foot traffic again.
  2. Use a checklist. This is handy for keeping track of what’s happening in the job site, especially if this is your first time to supervise a floor restoration job. Make sure it covers all the standards included in the contract and written warranties for the workmanship as well as materials used all throughout the job. The checklist should also remind you of cleanup essentials: what happens to the excess materials? Where do you put the tools and equipment? What work has been completed that day? This also lets you know if the job is going along great and right within schedule or if you’re already a few days behind. And if you are, track down the cause. Remember that delays can cost you extra so you really want to keep an eye on things to make sure everything happens according to schedule.
  3. Beware of scams. A lot of people like the idea of getting the job done as quick as possible. But if you act in haste, that could compromise results. So don’t rush things. Go through the proper channels and all the steps of hiring a reliable contractor instead of getting the contractor who just happened to knock on your door and offered to restore your floors for you. Keep a wary eye on pushy contractors who force you to hire them then and there, or tell you you’ll need to get the building permits yourself. A professional contractor wouldn’t resort to any of those things so if you’re confronted with these behaviors, do your best to offer a polite but firm refusal. Then continue your hunt for a reliable contractor until you find one.

So make sure your floor restoration job goes off without a hitch. Keep track of what’s happening and hire a pro. You’ll thank yourself later for doing these when you see the results.

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