3 Reasons Why Dental Implants in Charleston SC May Be Right For You

Now that you need to think about replacing your natural teeth, what sort of solution would be best? While dentures are an option, it makes sense to determine if dental implants in Charleston, SC, would be your best choice. Here are three reasons why this is a solution you want to discuss with the dentist.

One has to do with determining if you’re a candidate for any type of implant. A dentist can evaluate the condition of your gums and tell you if the bone structure will support either individual implants or what’s known as All on Four implants. If so, you can discuss what to expect with this procedure.

Assuming you are a candidate, the fact that implants are so easy to care for is definitely a plus. In fact, taking care of implants is a lot like taking care of real teeth. You still brush after meals and use mouthwash. There’s even special floss you can use to clean in between individual implants.

Last, there’s the fact that dental implants in Charleston, SC, stay in place. Unlike dentures, there’s no need to use adhesives that may come loose at the worst possible time. You can depend on the implants to stay in position at all times.

If the idea of implants seems good to you, talk with a dental professional. It won’t take long to confirm you are a candidate and settle on the type of implant that’s right for you.

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