Sep 10, 2014

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3 Reasons Why Brass Fasteners Are A Great Choice

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. Without the brass fasteners in NYC, the city that never sleeps would be a very different place. Have you ever seen a play on or off Broadway? New York City’s theaters attract visitors from across the world, and some of the biggest stars can be found there. An actor is only as good as their script, however, and that’s where the brass fasteners come in.

Brass fasteners have traditionally been used to secure stage plays and scripts, and so those little brass fasteners in NYC can truly be said to have played a big part in entertaining over 12 million theater goers every year. But why is brass such a fantastic material for this task? Here are three reasons why brass fasteners are a great choice.

Rust Proof And Reliable

An object is only as strong as its weakest point. In many cases that can be the fastener. Some metals corrode when exposed to air and water. This not only looks unsightly, it weakens them and affects their structural integrity. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is non-ferrous. That means it doesn’t rust. You may wonder about the relevance of rusting for a script fastener, but even the moisture from hands can cause rusting to occur. Of course, paper isn’t the only thing that the brass fasteners of NYC are used for, and that brings us onto our second point.


Brass fasteners are perfect for paper and cardboard, where they can be punched through the substrate, but they can also be used on materials such as wood and metal. Fasteners are an ideal solution whenever two object need to be joined together strongly but temporarily. Simply create holes in the two objects, using a drill or air tool, and then position the fastener in place. Elongate the legs, and the objects are firmly held together. They can just as easily be disentangled when needed.

Durable And Re-usable

Brass is both tough and durable, even when used for a flexible fastener that’s designed to be twisted backwards and forwards. For this reason, it can be used again and again. Business across the United States are becoming increasingly cost conscious, as they continue to fight back from the economic downturn. Every cent counts, and by using brass fasteners they can make an initial investment and then put their money away.

The next time you see a musical or play, and stand up to the give the cast and crew a much deserved round of applause, why not give an extra clap or two for the contribution made by brass fasteners in NYC and beyond? They’re small but perfectly formed, a little piece of engineering perfection. Visit the website

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