3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer Before Moving Forward with Your Child Support Case

The Bureau of Census says about $32.9 billion dollars in child support was owed in 2013. When you break those numbers down, that’s less than $500 dollars per month. On average, custodial single parents receive child support that’s about $329 every month to cover the costs of food and shelter along with education, clothing and other possible costs incurred. The report also says that only about 68.5 percent of the money owed in child support payments was received.

If you aren’t receiving adequate child support or not receiving any at all, hiring a child support attorney can help.

Negotiating Assistance

If you and your spouse are dissolving your marriage and you are the custodial parent, you will need to discuss child support payments. Hiring a good lawyer can help you set the proper amount for child support payments. Your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf, keeping your interests in mind.

Against Non-payment

If the non-custodial parent fails to provide child support or enough child support, hiring a lawyer can help you figure out what legal actions you can take. Your attorney will talk to you about state court guidelines along with procedures so you won’t miss a detail. Applicable statues will also be discussed.

Knowledge and Tools

Your child support attorney has the knowledge to guide you through the process. S/he will know what tools to use to calculate your child support amounts. Since filing for a case will generate a ton of paperwork, you can count on your lawyer to guide you through every stage of the paperwork. You will have someone to review your paperwork and ensure everything is in order. Hiring the right legal representation will make a difference in your child support case. If you want the best way to move forward, give yourself the best advantage possible by engaging the services of an excellent lawyer in your area.

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