3 Reasons to Choose Corrugated Packaging Over Traditional Cardboard

When it comes to shipping, selecting the appropriate container is crucial. Two common types of boxes are cardboard and corrugated.

From the outside, they may look very similar, but their functionality is quite different. Corrugated Shipping Boxes offer more protection than the standard brown box. Here are three reasons why you should consider corrugated packaging over traditional cardboard.


Manufacturers make cardboard out of paper pulp. Machines compress the material into large sheets, and then they are formed into boxes. When they are creating Corrugated Shipping Boxes, there is an additional fluted sheet sandwich between two flat sheets.

This layering creates a sturdier product. Special glue bonds the three composites together, which adds to its strength and resiliency.


Packaging companies can customize the corrugated paper into various shapes, and the exterior can be colored. Businesses can add logos or graphics so that their container stands out from the rest.

Manufacturers can cut this material into flat boxes that are easy to ship, and once they are at their final destination, the consumer can fold them into shape. Other options are squares with detachable lids or specialty cut shapes for unique products.

This material is also lightweight. When shipping heavier objects, it can reduce the overall weight and save money on transportation fees.


Paper is a renewable resource, and this product can be recycled and reused many times. Using a corrugated box can also eliminate excess packing material. Some varieties of bubble wrap and packing peanuts are not biodegradable. Contact Express Packaging for more details on this shipping product.

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