Oct 28, 2015

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3 Reasons Marijuana is The Most Popular Illegal Drug

3 Reasons Marijuana is The Most Popular Illegal Drug

Marijuana is unquestionably the most popular illegal drug that is used around the world. Even with this top spot, it is not the number one cause of death, that spot belongs to prescription painkillers such as OxyContin, Codeine, and Vicodin. Regardless of the drug of choice, when it becomes a problem, Malibu drug addiction treatment should be sought.

According to a number of recent studies that people are most likely to abuse the drugs that are produced close to their home. For example, opioids and amphetamines are most commonly used in Australia and Asia and cocaine in North America. The absolute lowest ratings of drug abuse were found to be in Africa and Asia.

Strict Laws Have Higher Death Rates

It is also reported that the countries that had the strictest laws in regard to drugs, had higher death rates. The results were compared to the countries that actually relied on the other policies that were in effect in order to wean users off drugs, which include methadone clinics and programs that encouraged needle exchange.

Experts also stated that the study has shown patterns of drug abuse that are shifting and that need to be addressed. The use of prescribed opiates throughout the United States only started in the past decade according to an expert from the National Addiction Center that is located at King’s College London. They also stated that within another 20 years the patterns of drug abuse may shift again in ways that cannot be predicted.

Studies Indicate

In a study that was loosely related, it was found that drug abuse problems go hand in hand with mental health problems, which include schizophrenia, cocaine addiction, and depression and this has killed more people around the world than road accidents, diabetes, tuberculosis, and AIDS.

In countries that are still developing, such as India, the attempts that have been made to stop AIDS have decreased due to the fact that they are helping more and more people kick their drug addiction.

These studies prove that while marijuana is the most popular drug, it is not a killer. While there may be people in accidents while using the substance, it does not necessarily mean that their death was caused by marijuana. Understanding the facts surrounding marijuana will help people realize that it is not a drug that causes death, like addictions to substances such as pain killers.

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