3 Reasons Family Therapy is Important for Healing

When one family member falls into addiction or trauma, no matter how fractured a family may be, it affects the entire unit. Parents worry, siblings become lost and extended family members may throw in their two cents. Every situation is different, and how every person reacts varies, too. There may be finger pointing and there may be stewing. So that emotions do not fester and exacerbate the situation, attending family therapy in Burnsville offers a space where everyone can talk in a safe environment without repercussions.

Here are three reasons why family therapy is important for healing.

Addresses Conflict

First and foremost, family therapy addresses conflict among family members. When one member falls into addiction or any other type of trauma, the effects are not limited to the addicted. Sometimes, a family member falls into addiction due to underlying conflict that already existed within the unit. Many prefer to take the approach of pushing things under the rug because they do not want to stir the pot. An approach that is understandable and worth following until someone decides that they are not going to take it anymore. By then, things could already be boiling over. Family therapy, therefore, addresses conflict in order to help the family heal.


If one family member falls into addiction and they begin to steal or disrupt the rest of the unit, an intervention can be staged in a family therapy setting. Therapy can last a minimum of 12 sessions at 50 minutes each. When an intervention is necessary, this is a setting that addresses the problem and can lead to healing.


Family therapy in Burnsville is not about family members blaming one another. It is about helping each member speak, and then, moving toward a solution that helps all heal at their own comfortable pace.

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