3 Mistakes To Avoid Before Going To A Wilmington DE Addiction Treatment Center

For many addicts, going to an inpatient Wilmington DE addiction treatment center seems like an end to their life as they know it. This is particularly true if the addict is not completely convinced of the need for treatment and is holding on to the belief they are not an addict.

Often, when this is the case, or when the treatment is involuntary, addicts do predictable things prior to their first trip to the Wilmington DE addiction treatment center to be admitted. While these specific actions may be predictable, and from addict’s perspective defendable or logical, they are counterproductive to the treatment.

One Last Binge

One of the most common last activities an addict will engage in before going to a Wilmington DE addiction treatment center is to have one last binge, party, or time of use. This may include several days of drinking for an alcoholic, heavy drug use for a drug addict or even engaging in other concurrent addictive behaviors such as gambling, shopping, pornography, high-risk sexual behaviors or other potentially harmful activities.

The challenge with this type of behavior is the risk of an overdose or serious incident. A DWI or a trip to the hospital can delay the detox and will only increase the challenges faced. In the case of an overdose, it can be a fatal decision.

Hiding Items

For many addicts, the thought of being without their drug of choice is overwhelming and terrifying. These individuals may go to great lengths before going to the addiction treatment center to hide a “stash” of drugs within their packed items or on their person.

It is important to note that a top Wilmington, DE addiction treatment center will be vigilant about checking possessions to keep drugs and alcohol out of the facility. This is important for all patients as it can undermine recovery efforts. Patients bringing illegal or prohibited items into a facility will have a bad start to their stay, which in turn can impact their view of the staff.


It is not at all uncommon for an addict to have second thoughts about agreeing to participate in treatment through a Wilmington DE addiction treatment center. In some cases, this may translate into the individual simply attempting to run away from the experience completely.

Often by having a friend or family member stay with the addict in the few days before attending the Wilmington, DE addiction treatment center these common behaviors can be avoided. Talk to your rehab intake worker if you have concerns about the individual engaging in one or more of these behaviors leading up to their admission to the facility.

At Pace Inc. In Wilmington, DE addiction treatment center, we work closely with family and individuals to prepare for intake into our facility. To see the benefits of participating in our treatment programs visit us online.

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