3 High Interval Intensity Training Facts

When you exercise, the types of exercise you can complete during your workout are almost endless. One type of exercise is High Interval Intensity Training, or HIIT. Interval training still stands the test of time because it is considered one of the best ways to burn calories. Then, it helps your body continue to burn calories hours afterward. Therefore, it is popular among those who are trying to shed fat.

Here are three HIIT exercise facts.

What is HIIT?

HIIT workouts are a form of cardiovascular exercise. It focuses on short bursts of intense training with even shorter periods of recovery. Participants aim to get to the point where they feel they can no longer do one more repetition at the end. The alternating between the anaerobic exercise and rest periods occurs in half hour and one hour sessions.

How Often can a Participant do HIIT?

Due to the intensity of the workout, participants are advised to do a HIIT session up to three times a week. A recovery day should always follow a HIIT workout day so that the body is given time to rebuild muscle and strength. While the exercise is safe for most fitness levels and age groups, it is possible to overdo it. On a recovery day, medical and fitness professionals recommend strength training. Strength training provides balance and can help reduce the amount of soreness felt in between HIIT days.

HIIT Nutrition

No matter what your fitness goals are or the type of exercise you complete, you must be sure that you are providing your body the best nutrition before and after. For HIIT exercise, you are advised to consume enough foods that provide a balanced amount of protein and fat like chicken and beef.

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