3 Benefits to Students of Living in Apartments Close to FSU Campus

Living close to university campuses can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Students who live on campus typically have a higher GPA, better mental health and are less likely to be involved with drugs or alcohol than those who do not. Keep reading to learn more of the benefits of living in apartments close to FSU campus!

Students Will Get to Experience the Dorm Life without the Commute

Students often find that living on campus is more expensive than they originally thought. Parking and meal plan costs can add up quickly, especially if you need to purchase a car or a motorcycle license at the same time. Instead of doing all of that, why not live in an apartment close to university campus? Students can get to all of their classes without having to worry about parking or being late. Your student will also be able to experience the dorm life without paying outrageous rent prices, making it a much easier transition into college!

Parents Can Have an Easier Commute

Driving your child every day can take a toll on you if you have to get up early to do so. Your commute can be longer depending on where you live, which could lead to more missed classes or even arguments with your family members about it. When you live in an apartment close to university campus, however, everything is much easier because there’s no commute at all! You and your student will know exactly when the best time to leave for school is, since it’s right down the road.

Students Will Be More Likely to Get Involved in Activities

Sometimes students feel like they have nowhere to get involved or meet new people at their university. This could be because of a lack of opportunities or a fear of not fitting in once you’re there. When you live in an apartment close to university campus, however, students will be more inclined to get involved.

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