Jul 31, 2015

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3 Benefits of Using a Mobile Paper Shredding Company

3 Benefits of Using a Mobile Paper Shredding Company

Shredding business documents is far more involved than simply buying a paper shredder at the local office supply store. It’s important that when business documents are shredded any information on those documents is completely unrecoverable. That is one of the main reasons commercial shredding services are in business today. However, to make matters more convenient for business clients, the advent of the mobile paper shredding company has made the process of shredding documents even easier for businesses.

Perhaps one of the best and most well-known benefits of a mobile shredding service is convenience. Those running a business no longer have to worry about getting important documents to a centralized location for destruction. The time it takes to have business documents shredded is greatly decreased when a mobile shredding service can bring the shredding equipment to a business.

Another important service companies like 1shred.com offer are the ability of the business employee handling the documents to witness the documents being destroyed. It’s not surprising that businesses are very protective, even of old and unused documents. Many times, these documents contain information about clients or sensitive information about the business.
Even though these documents are no longer being used, in the wrong hands the information they contain can damage a business’s clients or the business itself. Being able to witness the documents being destroyed is the best confirmation that no information on the documents being shredded will be used against the business or its clients.

Lastly, as touched on earlier, the documents will no longer be usable by anyone. Unlike residential paper shredders, commercial services such as a mobile paper shredding company have shredding devices that completely destroy the documents. Even if there was an intent to scour through the refuse of a paper shredding machine to find information, the documents are destroyed in a manner making retrieving any information impossible.

If your company needs to destroy all documents, either to go to a paperless system or to free up storage space where file cabinets with old documents are taking up valuable space, mobile shredding services are something to consider. With the convenience they offer, and with the ability to verify the documents have been completely destroyed, a business simply couldn’t ask more from a paper shredding service.

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