Dec 4, 2015

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3 Benefits of Tankless Water Heater System in Rockford IL

3 Benefits of Tankless Water Heater System in Rockford IL

When the water heater system breaks down, families usually have two options. They can either get the exact same thing they have or they can upgrade to a higher-performing system. A Tankless Water Heater System in Rockford IL is better than a storage tank in every capacity. Below are three benefits that a tankless system offers that is generally not available for those still sticking to the tank storage water heater system.

Longer warranty: The warranty is typically two or three times longer for tankless systems. The reasons are plentiful. For one, sellers are encouraging homebuyers to buy these systems because they perform better and are more expensive. To offset that for consumers, they offer a very generous warranty. Furthermore, the systems are more expensive to maintain. The warranty will account for any and all repairs, which is another perk to offset that particular disadvantage. The warranties more than make up for any maintenance cost. They can extend for upwards of 20 years.

Space: A tankless system lacks the feature that is the most space-consuming- the tank itself. The compact design opens up a lot of free space, which can be used for extra storage. Many homeowners have had an entire closet dedicated to their water heater. Without the tank, the system itself may take up only a third of the space. That can easily leave feet of room for additional storage.

Lifespan: The above warranty details report that a warranty lasts for 20 years. It is no coincidence that a typical tankless Water Heater System in Rockford IL lasts about 20 years. The warranty can cover the entire expected lifespan of the system. This is twice as much as a typical storage unit that averages between eight to 10 years.

There is a glaring disadvantage with a tankless Water Heater System. It actually has nothing to do with the performance of the system, which beats a traditional storage water heater in every category. The disadvantage is cost. Tankless systems are, on average, three times more expensive than their storage counterparts. That can be a huge upfront cost difference for many families. Kinovate Heating can work with families to find a payment plan that is fair and properly guided. The team of Kinovate Heating encourages families to use methods that will save them money in the long run and help the environment along the way.

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