2 Things You Should Do As An Injured Firefighter In Minnesota

You have been serving your community for decades as a firefighter. One wintery evening, the station’s alarm goes off. You and your team are now responding to an emergency. At the scene, you and your team begin extinguishing the fire. As you make your way through the burning structure, a part of it collapses on you. Now, you are severely injured and are being rushed to the hospital. Here are 2 things you should do while recovering from your injuries in Minnesota.

Retrieve and Review

While recovering, the doctor gives you devastating news that you will not be able to return to work for at least one year. You are now worried about finding ways to pay for your financial responsibilities at home. The first thing you should do as an injured firefighter is to retrieve and review your public employees retirement association (PERA) policy to learn about potential disability benefits you may be eligible for.

Hire An Attorney

You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed while reviewing the PERA policy. Another thing you should consider doing is to hire an expert MN PERA attorney. Hiring an expert PERA attorney will help you decipher and decrypt legal jargon found in the policy. This means they will help you understand eligibility while ensuring you are fairly compensated if benefits are awarded.

These are only to mention two things you should consider doing when injured as a firefighter in Minnesota. Review your local PERA policy and when needed, hire an expert MN PERA attorney to help you with your situation.

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