2 Safety Tips For The Road

You may consider yourself an expert on the road. Even experts, however, make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with brushing up on your driving skills with a few reminders about safety on the road. Check out these safety tips before heading out to Ford in Barrington for your next car or truck.

1 Remember to wear your safety belt

Seat belts are not always popular. Some drivers and passengers do not think that the protective measure works well in terms of cosmetics. Seat belts, however, were not made for style. The mechanisms work to distribute the force from a car accident from your chest to the pelvis. The chest and pelvis are the strongest parts of the body. Your seat belts work to keep you in your seat when the unexpected happens.

You should wear your seat belt every time you hit the road. Even a trip to the local convenience market deserves proper protection.

2 Put your phone away

Smartphones are great for keeping you organized and in contact with family members and friends. The gadgets are not the best thing to use on the road, though. Researchers estimate that nearly five seconds are taken away from your focus on the road when you look down to read a text or dial a number. It only takes one second to have an accident.

3 Check your blind spot

Your side and rear mirrors are great for showing activity behind your car or truck. The mirrors, however, do not show you everything. You need to turn around and get a full view of your vehicle before proceeding to back up, move forward, or change lanes. Checking your blind spot is especially essential when you are turning. It only takes one second for a pedestrian to move into your danger spot.

A new car or truck from Ford in Barrington can help you have a more safe trip. New Ford automobiles come with incentives such as backup assist and lane departure technology. Stop by Arlington Heights Ford today for a test drive!

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