How does an injury lawsuit work

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Law And Politics

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When seeking fair compensation for an injury suit, you need to know how much money that you are entitled to. This is when you should seek out the best Attorney Allentown has to offer.

To determine how much money that you are entitled to in an injury suit depends on many factors of the suit. One of the first things that will be considered is who is at fault. This may be a designated person (in the event of an accident), a boss, a fellow employee, or sometimes it may even involve a major company suit.

To try and place a value on your claim, the money that you are entitled to is to make you “as you were” before the accident ever had taken place. This suit could involve things such as a loss in wages, loss in vehicle, mental stress and anguish that has been placed upon yourself as well as your family. It also may include things such as any medical care received due to the accident occurring, permanent disability, loss of a life or damage to ones property. To come up with a figure for this, the insurance company will figure up how much money has been lost, or spent due to the accident.

Typically, with minor injuries the injury amount is multiplied by 2, however in major cases this could be multiplied by up to 30 times in a suit where a major disability or death has occurred.

The extent of whom is at fault for the accident is typically the deciding factor for deciding the actual pay-out of the suit. Many times insurance companies want to settle out of court for a low minimum pay-out. When this occurs this is when you should ask advice from an attorney in Allentown who can advise you of your best option for your particular situation. Sometimes, it is wise to proceed to court however many times you will be awarded much more by going in from of a jury who will help to determine the fate of the pay-out that you are offered. By finding the best representation for yourself, you will assure to have the best possible outcome.

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