Hailstones Small and Large Create the Need for Car Repairs in Denver, CO

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Automotive

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Hailstones can cause minor to substantial damage to vehicles not protected by a garage or carport. Even small stones can leave pit marks. Those the size of golf balls or larger make noticeable dents. Technicians who fix hail damage to cars in Denver, CO use varying techniques in this work. The strategies depend on the dent sizes and the extent of the problem.

About Hail

Hail that falls during a single storm tends to be similar in color and layering effects, although it can vary in size and shape. Most hailstorms briefly drop ice chunks smaller than a standard marble, but the stones can be significantly larger. For hail to be larger than a golf ball is relatively unusual. Automobile owners who need someone to fix hail damage to cars in Denver, CO can find qualified technicians for this work.

Record-Setting Sizes

The largest hailstone recorded in U.S. history fell in South Dakota in 2010. It was 8 inches in diameter and weighed nearly 2 lbs. Fortunately, the stone landed in a residential yard and did not hit anything. Previous record-setting hail fell in Nebraska and Kansas.

Colorado Hail

This kind of hail is associated with very severe thunderstorms that are more frequent in the Great Plains. That explains why the biggest hailstone recorded in Colorado, in 2019, fell in the eastern plains. It was nearly 5 inches in diameter. Nevertheless, hail the size of baseballs, about 3 inches in diameter, has fallen in the Denver area on occasion. For more information follow us on Facebook.

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